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Squad Spotlight: Charlotte

Squad on the Blog - Charlotte

Name: Charlotte

Location: Gold Coast

Instagram: CharlotteBrunt


It’s coming up 4 years since I made the big move from England to the Gold Coast, I am looking forward to the Australian Summer and a trip to Thailand in December. My favourite things to do are hang at the beach, travel, and spend time with loved ones.

Charlotte’s Top Picks: 

Invigorating Body Scrub, Nurturing Rosehip Oil, Luxurious Face Cream, Calming Toner

How Charlotte uses Embalm Skincare:

I have been using the Embalm Skincare’s products for about a month and I’m loving how hydrated and glowing my skin has become already. 

My favourite product is the body scrub. I have been using this weekly, it feels so luxurious and it is great at removing dead skin and old fake tan. I love how the oils stay on your skin and continue to hydrate your whole body throughout the day! Little tip… use this the day before you tan for an extra smooth steak free tan! 

I have been using the toner every night after showering, it’s great for removing any excess make up that you missed and creates a smooth base. 

I then apply the rosehip oil, I love how well this soaks into your skin without leaving it greasy like other oils/serums I have used in the past. 

The final step to my skin care routine is to apply the face cream, I apply a nice thick layer of this at night and a lighter layer in the morning. It is nice and lightweight but also very hydrating so makes a great base for your foundation!” 

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