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Quick Hair Styling Tips For Summer

Quick Hair Styling Tips For Summer

The best summer styling tips for your everyday hair care routine

Hi there!

My name is Mikayla and I am the founder of Hair by Mikayla Mills.

My career in the hair industry has nearly hit 9 years and throughout this time I have been lucky enough to take my skills to a couple of special places.

I started my career in New Zealand where I spent 5 years in Auckland working for Stephen Marr Hair Design.

I then had the urge to do some travel so with a two year working holiday visa I moved to Toronto, Canada, to live and broaden my hairdressing skills.

I have now settled on the Gold Coast to start my next venture Hair By Mikayla Mills.

Throughout my career I have been able to dip my toes into many different areas of the hair industry including fashion weeks, photo shoots, competitions, being a colour educator, weddings, formals, and much more.

My focus on providing a service that you wouldn’t receive anywhere else. Showing you an experience and presenting you with nothing but healthy, beautiful, effortless hair.

Hair By Mikayla Mills is a culmination of all I have learnt and seen throughout 9 great years and I am very excited to share some of it with you.

Quick Summer Hair Styling Tips

We all love Summer, but when it comes to our hair those hot summer days and nights make styling it a challenge.

I have a passion for styling hair and even though I’m styling my clients hair day-to-day, I always allow time to play around with my own too. I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to style your hair in these summer months and how to fight the frizz when it’s humid.

Having your hair up in different styles is trending at the moment. These are my go to looks in summer as they are so much cooler to wear and you don’t have to worry about using hot tools in the heat.

One of my first tips would be:  the slicker the better!

A low slick parted pony is such an easy and flattering way to wear your hair, especially if you have just jumped out of the pool or sea. This look can be achieved if your hair is wet or dry and even better, dirty!

I don’t know about you but in summer the last thing I want to be doing every time I am going out is to wash and blow-dry my hair. It’s too hot! So do not worry, most of these styles actually work much better if your hair isn’t squeaky clean.

A slick top knot, you cannot go wrong! If your hair is a bit shorter, a top knot won’t be as easy but you can still achieve a cute slick bun that just sits a little lower.

I always like to keep the actual topknots and buns messy, this gives contrast between sleek and texture.

Another way to wear your hair is in braids! Everyone loves a braid and again this style can be done wet or dry! The way you can work with braids is endless and is such a good way to keep hair off your face.

With all of these styles you lose the risk of any frizz and those pesky fly-aways and also prevents your hair becoming flat and limp from any moisture in the air.

Hair accessories, such as headbands, scrunchies and hair clips, have made a huge comeback which I think is so cool and these are a quick and easy way to style your hair when you have limited time or need to make yourself look a little more dressed up.

I love using hair clips to pull one or both sides of the hair back or creating a half up half down look.


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All of these styles and looks can be achieved with the help of products so I touch on a few of my favourites.

Dry shampoo

It is a must all year round but perfect for when you need a quick fix for fresh hair before going out. It is also great to use to hold any of your slick styles and to mess up a bun or ponytail.

Sea salt spray

This can help hold your hair if you are styling it wet, and create great texture. It is basically a wet hairspray but a bit more mouldable.

Anti-frizz cream or serum

If your hair is more on the wild side you want something with a bit of weight to it.

This is going to help control the natural texture but also fight the frizz.

Keratin smoothing treatment

Finally a more permanent service that many hair salons provide is a Keratin smoothing treatment. It is a treatment that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz and adds softness and shine to the hair.

It is not a straightening treatment but it does soften the natural texture in the hair. You will notice a cut down in time with blow drying and also may find you do not need to use your hot tools as much.

This treatment will last up to 3 months. It is a great option for those of you who struggle with a humid climate and can’t seem to find a fix for the frizz.

I’m so glad I could share a few of my tips and tricks with you and I hope styling your hair during these summer months can now be a little less of a challenge and instead a bit of fun.

Check out my quick hair styling tutorial below:


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