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Feature: 5 Mintues with Nutrionist Pip Reed


5 Mintues with Nutrionist Pip Reed

Pip is a registered nutritionist and has completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Business as well as a post-graduate Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. In addition to her expertise in nutrition, she also holds Certificates III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training and her YogaFit instructor certification.

She specialises in weight loss, female hormones (endometriosis, PCOS etc), thyroid health, skin health, fertility and healthy aging. Her fresh insights into achieving beauty both inside and out using nutrition as the basis of health and wellbeing are always realistic, achievable and designed to work with people’s lives. Her advice is always relevant and do-able.

Pip is the Co-Founder of, a passion project she and her business partner launched in June 2016 which enables her to practice nutrition Australia-wide on a custom built online live platform, providing accessible and affordable healthcare to any and all Australians with computer access or a phone. The Health Clinic is currently expanding to include Integrative Drs, Psychologists, Naturopaths and Exercise Physiologists so people can access the most comprehensive, complementary and holistic preventable healthcare available in Australia at the touch of a button.

What does a Nutritionist do?

During a nutrition consultation, I conduct a complete health history and goal analysis for every client, taking a holistic approach and covering every potential and relevant aspect in their day to day lives to gain insight of who they are and how I can assist them. Once we have a detailed overview on their past and current health, and family history, I ask them to fill in a food diary including all signs and symptoms so I can make healthy changes according to their needs. I may also refer for blood, saliva or urine pathology testing based on information provided to me, and will recommend lifestyle, diet, and/or supplement regimes to assist each client for their individual needs. There is an element of counselling involved in each session and I take pride in my ability to form a rapport with each client, making them feel relaxed and help them to see that their health issues are not necessarily just a case of poor willpower!

How do wind down after a busy day at work?

I love to curl up with a good book or movie, eat a healthy home-cooked meal and put my feet on my husbands lap in anticipation of a massage – I’m 7 months pregnant so this is totally entitled! 🙂

What do you find most rewarding about your job and why?

I genuinely love helping people and holding their hand through their health journey (metaphorically of course). When a client reaches their goals – being weight loss, decreasing stress/anxiety, reducing PMS or period pain, getting a bride into her dream dress or becoming pregnant (that’s my favourite!), it is just the most wonderful, satisfying feeling and makes me appreciate so much what I do. Of course there are ups and downs in every job and unfortunately I can also be the boxing bag for some clients who are going through a tough time, but the good usually outweighs the bad. I believe I am a very empathetic human and I now know how to use it as a strength to get my clients’ results.

Most of us are pretty time poor, especially women. With that in mind what is your #1 tip for a balanced lifestyle?

The Health Clinic was actually designed specifically for time-poor people who tend to neglect their health, so my number #1 tip would have to be to get everyone to sign up and book in some ‘Me Time’ – talk to a practitioner, discuss your health needs and goals, even if you don’t feel there is anything specifically ‘wrong’, it’s always good to have a healthy network backing you and keeping you on track – preventable healthcare is key to longevity.

My second tip would be not to neglect your sleep: things tend to spiral rapidly when we don’t get enough sleep: coffee intake, anxiety, diet, exercise, mood, PMS, hormone balance and quality of life being just a few. Concentrate first on your sleep and the rest will fall into place. And if you are struggling with sleep, see tip #1!

If you want to find out more about working with a nutrionist, you can connect with Pip here:

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