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Feature: 5 Minutes with Aromatherapist Angela Vrettas

5 Minutes with Aromatherapist Angela Vrettas

Angela Vrettas is a Clinical Aromatherapist and creates bespoke wellbeing solutions with plant aromatics for her clients to address deeper issues such as removing emotional blocks, releasing limiting self-beliefs, embracing self-care and aligning themselves to their true self and higher purpose.

This holistic approach led her to not only discover a very ancient healing modality – plant aromatics or aromatherapy in modern terms but as a strong advocate of it for a number of years,  found combining them during a client visit had a very powerful and lasting effect. The science and art of using essential oils to influence a positive change for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing led her on a journey to becoming a certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Her work involves formulating signature blends for both individual clients as well as businesses wanting an environment that promotes holistic wellness. Angela also conducts workshops on essential oils and natural perfumery.

What does an Aromatherapist do?

An Aromatherapy Consultation always starts with an initial holistic health and lifestyle assessment, followed by formulation of a bespoke essential oil blend(s) or selection of single oils used to address specific areas of need such as supporting the bodies systems, managing stress and burnout, releasing negative emotions or finding clarity and focus.  I allow the oils to do the work through a few activation techniques like breathing and visualisation combined with intuitive coaching.  No two consultation are alike, each client is different but it involves specific guidance in how to use their custom blends or single oils on a daily basis.

What does Aromatherapy mean to you?

My wellbeing is my whole being and essential oils facilitate that for me. It is a way of life.

What do you find most rewarding about your job and why?

The positive impact. The sense of smell is somewhat overshadowed by the sense of sight and sound but it is the most powerful of all the 5 senses because it triggers emotions.  Whether I am creating blends for an olfactory experience or teaching or empowering an individual with healing oils, the outcomes and positive feedback keeps my learning and creativity alive.

We all know juggling work, family and your health and wellbeing can be a real challenge. What is your #1 tip for maintaining optimum wellness?

My “devotional time” or sacred space –setting aside a daily hour of power is vitally important for me.


If you would like to work with Angela, you can connect with her here: Angela Vrettas

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